It’s Time to Drive Your Vehicle

June 6, 2017

It’s Time to Drive Your Beloved Vehicle says Bill!

In our busy lives, living in our busy City, trying to find a good parking spot or whatever the reason is we are driving our vehicles less and less. This could be a controversial subject, however we all need to drive our cars and need to drive them for longer periods. Use it or lose it was a saying I was brought up on, and this certainly rings true to the motor vehicle.

The modern vehicle with all its wonderful technology and features still needs to be used to ensure the vehicle will continue to provide you with long term reliability. As an example, the majority of the featured systems like the windows, the navigation system, the numerous lights inside and out, and yes even major components like your steering (models specific) are all power hungry. This means your battery and charging system is more important than ever before. And guess what? short trips and sporadic use of your beloved vehicle is their greatest enemy. Just simply starting your engine, will take the charging system approximately 15 minutes of engine running time to replenish the lost charge from the battery.

One of the more technically advanced systems now being installed in your modern diesel engine is the Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF. This device is one of our environment’s good friends, keeping the noxious gases produced by your running diesel engine to an absolute minimum, so effectively looking after our blue skies. Whilst this technology has allowed the diesel engine to keep up with the progressive and extremely tough emission regulations, it does present the modern diesel owner with a dilemma, that being they need to be driven. The DPF needs time and heat to allow it to perform at its maximum and also to allow it, like the modern kitchen oven, to self-clean. If the DPS cannot be allowed to clean itself from time to time then the reliability of the vehicle could come into question, most likely at the most inconvenient time.

The way I see the modern vehicle with all its wonderful system and quirks, it’s an opportunity, nah, it’s an excuse to get out there and see family or friends, plan activities around some driving or just go for a leisurely drive and enjoy your wonderful vehicle.

Go on, get out there, and remember to Buckle Up!