All-new Impreza spot light

October 6, 2017

The new Impreza has a sensational safety story to tell – active, passive and preventative. Subaru’s safety and performance has long been highly rated by third-party organisations. Now the all-new Impreza adopts technologies to further enhance safety, including the new platform and the advanced preventative safety systems.

Active Safety

The new platform achieves a centre of gravity 5mm lower that the outgoing model. Together with major improvements in rigidity and evolution of the suspension system, this offers outstanding hazard avoidance capabilities on a level only seen on high performance sports cars.

Passive Safety

Thanks to a frame structure that enables more efficient energy absorption in the event of a collision and the enhanced body strength resulting from the increased use of high-tensile steel plates – including materials formed by the hot-press method – impact absorption is improved by 40% over the outgoing models.

Preventative Safety

Eyesight®, Subaru’s innovative and highly acclaimed driver assist technology, delivers extremely reliable preventative safety and reduces driver burden through features such as Pre-Collision Braking and Throttle Control, Lane Keep/Sway Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control. The new High Beam Assist links to the Eyesight® stereo colour cameras and automatically switches from high to low beam according to what is happening ahead. Steering responsive LED Headlights move the beam left or right when turning, illuminating the direction of travel and dramatically improving night-time visibility and capabilities of Eyesight®. Blind Spot detection, Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert join in to provide the driver with an all-round enhanced preventative safety suite usually found on high-end luxury cars.

Enhanced Dynamism

The all-new Impreza incorporates a number of improvements to achieve an enhanced dynamic feel, including the driver’s impression of security and comfort. Based on thorough and precise analysis of the steering and pedal feedback, vehicle behaviour, vibration and noise, the Impreza offers dynamic quality befitting this first in a new generation of Subarus.


Around 80% of the parts in the Impreza’s 2.0-litre direct-injection Boxer engine have been completely revamped, making it lighter, delivering more power and fuel efficiency while contributing to the lowered centre of gravity. The improved Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission greatly enhances ratio coverage and lightness, boosting acceleration performance and fuel efficiency. As well as employing the seamless full-auto step shift control, Impreza features a seven-speed manual mode function, allowing the driver to accelerate – and decelerate – as desired, providing the all-new Impreza with increased flexibility and adaptability. Noise and vibration are greatly reduced in both the engine and transmission, for more pleasant sound and dynamic feel.

Subaru Global Platform

The all-new Impreza is the first of the Subaru models to be built on the new Subaru Global Platform (SGP), representing a culmination of the know-how developed over many years. SGP dramatically increases rigidity throughout the body and chassis (70-100% increase over the outgoing models), incorporating substantial improvements to the suspension system, and the inclusion of Active Torque Vectoring offering superior straight-line stability and cornering performance to grip the road surface, producing highly responsive steering control. By mounting the rear stabilizer directly to the body, the new SGP reduces body roll by 50% when compared with the previous model.

The all-new Impreza continues to be a driver’s car.


The Subaru DNA is instantly recognisable in the Impreza’s wide and low stance and the unified three-dimensional structure extending from the classic hexagonal grille to the Hawkeye headlights. A character line extends from the front guard to the door panels and rear shoulder, also rising toward the rear from the lower door panel, giving dynamism to the body surface. The flared guards express the reliability of Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD). The rear combination lights share the same motif as the headlights, also expressing the wide, low stance. The sedan’s sleek body styling from cabin to boot lid further enhances the sporty impression. On the hatch, the powerful looking shoulder silhouette also achieves the wide, low look. The all-new model combines the Subaru performance essentials of superior aerodynamics and visibility with advanced styling.


The combination of sporty and advanced design and sophisticated construction with premium materials delivers an interior which far surpasses its class. The spacious design flows from the instrument panel for a feeling of refinement, while seat structures are more fitting to occupant bodies. In the centre of the instrument panel is an 8-inch touch-screen display for the infotainment system incorporating the latest conveniences such as GPS Sat-Nav, Apple CarPlayTM , Android AutoTM and Pandora®, while the detailed stitching compliments the quality feel.


Combining all this technology and quality materials into this package, it would be understandable to think it will be expensive. The Impreza’s price-point with 3 years Capped Price Servicing now moving to a 12,500 kilometre/12 month schedule with a standard 3 year/Unlimited Kilometre Warranty. Every way you look at it, the all-new Impreza is really set to impress. For more info, click here

Written by Sebastian Deak, Senior Sales Consultant at Bill Buckle Subaru.