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What's the Good Oil from Uncle Bill?

We all know someone with an older vehicle, a vehicle with higher mileage and it just keeps on going year after year with little trouble. It’s that Uncle Bill we all know that loves his machines and is always tinkering with them.

What’s his secret? Well, it’s not really a secret, rather uncle Bill has what we call in the industry ‘mechanical sympathy’. It’s the appreciation and understanding that all machines need to be cared for, maintained and checked regularly, and yes that means the modern vehicle as well.

With the extended service schedules, all car manufacturers are committing too, it’s become even more important for car owners to be aware of their vehicles general running condition in-between service times. We cannot just rely upon your modern service centre to complete the necessary maintenance and think that will do it until your vehicles next scheduled service. It’s up to you as well. Essentially it’s a partnership between you the owner and your chosen Service Centre to ensure the long term reliability of your beloved vehicle.

Here are some handy tips that could save you money, help maintain the vehicle in tip top condition and ensure all your system’s work to their capacity at all times

1 - Regularly wash and clean your vehicle, inside and out. This will help keep the finishes of the vehicle in good condition. Remove bird droppings and tree sap that could potentially damage your paint work. It’s also a really good way of staying aware of the general condition of the vehicle, like lighting, tyres etc. Simply washing the wiper blades can extend their service life.

2 - Checking tyre pressure regularly, but what does this actually mean? The general rule of thumb is every 4th tanks of fuel or once per month. Keeping your tyre pressures at their optimum level will ensure you maximise your tyres life and ensure the vehicles safety features will function at their maximum. This can also have a positive effect on your vehicles fuel economy, so not only is your family’s safety a consideration it’s also about your back pocket as well!

3 - Pop the hood, have a look around and check all your fluid levels, water, oil etc. This will ensure no un-necessary failures of the vehicle that could have been prevented. It is reasonable to assume you will need to top up some if not all your fluids at some point in between your vehicles scheduled maintenance.

Just these three tips alone, can save you time, money and un-necessary inconvenience when it comes to all things motoring. That’s the good oil from Uncle Bill.